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What NOT To Do During The Mortgage Process


What NOT to do during the mortgage process. Have you have been pre-approved for a mortgage? Home buying is a process. In this video I will share with you tips to help make it through the mortgage process without losing the loan because of poor choices. Simply things that you should NOT do between the pre-approval and funding of your mortgage, These mistakes can cost you your loan.
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Monday, August 17, 2020

Mortgage Rates 50 Year Low! Should I Buy?

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Mortgage Rates 50 Year Low! Should I Buy? 

Is this the right time to buy a house? Should I wait for the rates to drop more? What other monthly expenses are there when I buy a house? Buying a house is not just mortgage and interest payments . Learn what other expenses you need to factor into your housing budget before you make that offer.Transcript of video:

yes interest rates are historically low how much buying power do you actually

get that's the topic of my next video mortgage rates at a 50-year low that's
right i'll say it again mortgage rates at a 50-year low what
does it mean for you mr buyer and seller that's the topic of
today's video hello everybody my name is Mark Schreier and i'm a licensed sales
associate with Century 21 American Homes Real Estate
right here on sao said long island if you're new to my channel thanks for
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about today's video topic as well interest rates
30-year low um excuse me 50-year low hard to believe
that's right 50-year low what does it mean for
you well first let's take a look and put it in some perspective
back in the 1970s and check out this infographic
right here in the 1970s the average mortgage interest rate was eight
point eight six percent on a three hundred thousand dollar house
you were paying almost twenty four hundred dollars a month
23 84 to be exact fast forward all the way down to 2010
mortgage rates four point zero nine percent on a three
hundred thousand dollar loan your average
monthly expense was one thousand four hundred and forty eight dollars
hovering at three percent 2.96 percent the mortgage rates this is from freddie
mac by the way 30 year fixed your mortgage rates 2.96 percent
1 258 that is a significant difference so what does it
mean for you the buyer and seller well for the buyer you get more buying
power for the seller you get people with more buying
power making offers on your house driving the prices
up and you might say it's a wash and in some regards it might be
depending upon how over inflated your prices become
on the property and how much of a deduction
or reduction the buyer gets on their mortgage rates but more money
is in play everybody has more money to play with and that's a wonderful thing
so definitely give me that thumbs up if you're thinking about it right now
because this is a great time to be a seller for
sure and also a great time to be a buyer
because you have more buying power moving forward
now the negative is we are still in the midst of a pandemic
yes the coronavirus pandemic we're right now in
august of 2020 so that has an effect on a lot of people's finance so with that
being said you need to know your numbers if you aren't sure and you're shopping
for a property the last thing you want to do is
make an offer on a house and find out it wasn't accepted
because financially you didn't present it in the best
light so what do i mean by that if you are financially
set to make an offer of whatever dollar amount you did but you didn't prepare
the package right to give to the listing agent or if it's
a for sale by owner to the owner of the
house then you're doing yourself a disservice and i'm going to include a
video link in the comments below on what are
the advantage of a buyer broker in this market you're going to need them
also with that being said this is not a market for people who are thinking about
low balling offers the houses are gone the second
they go on the market so if you're gonna low ball you're
wasting everybody's time if you're serious about buying
this is the market for you you can find a house
is going to take a little more time of course it is i will have a professional
working for you and yeah i'm biased i am a realtor
but i will tell you this is the market you need a professional working in your
corner to get those properties before other
people do it and also to coach you on how to set up
your offer package not just the dollar amount but how to get everything
together so when you present that package it
actually has an impact on the listing agent and the owner of
the property with that being said we're talking about
numbers on in a buyer in a seller's market that we're in right now
like i mentioned earlier you can have bidding wars
so besides numbers it's the terms and that's where presenting the package
in a very good fashion with all the documents needed
and disclosures will help your presentation
also understand besides just buying the property being pre-proved
pre-approved for a number you also have other expenses you need to
take into consideration that you missed a buyer are required to
pay every month besides your principal and your interest
you have taxes on long island our taxes are not cheap
know what the taxes are on the market that you're shopping
in and make sure you add that to your specific property
monthly bill i wouldn't say just look at the listing and i see what the taxes are
no double and triple check that with the public records or the
tax clerk for your specific town that you're buying in
call your county call the town hall or speak to a realtor and find out where
you can get those numbers insurance property insurance homeowners
insurance in order to get a mortgage you need to have homeowners insurance
know the number know the type of insurance you want know much
know what you need and speak to a insurance professional to find out all
the different types of insurances that are also available for you
if you live in a flood zone and i'm also going to include a link about
buying a house in a flood zone how do i know if i live in a flood zone
there's no way this house can be in a flood zone because there's no water
around here wrong that's not the way there are
believe it or not canals and things that are affecting
your property if there's ever a flood you need to do the research and find out
for sure if your house is in a flood zone and if
so what you can do or how much is your
flood insurance going to be so the acronym is pity and
in this case it's going to be two types of insurance for principal
interest taxes insurance and if need be flood insurance and that
is not counting all the other um things that you can't you know
predict like you might have a leaky roof in a
couple of years that you need to fix you might have other things your air
conditioner breaks you didn't expect that
all these incidentals now i'm not trying to say home ownership
is not a good thing it's a great thing to own your own property to own your own
land but there's definitely upkeep and i
would be misguiding you if i told you it's just
basically your mortgage payment and you're good
that's not the case and don't let anybody fool you and tell you otherwise
if you have been pre-approved and you're ready to make a move and you have spoken
to your financial professionals and you know your dollar
amount jump into the market it's a great time
to buy and it's definitely a great time to sell
i hope this video is helpful don't forget thumbs up
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my name is Mark Schreier i'm a Licensed Sales Associate with Century 21 American
homes and thanks for watching

Friday, July 24, 2020


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Transcript of video:

    7 low course do-it-yourself tips to prepare your house for sale
that's the topic of my next video
low-cost tips to get your house ready for sale that's the topic of today's
video hello everybody my name is Mark Schreier
and i'm a licensed real estate agent right here on long island
if you're looking to get your house ready for sale but you don't want to
spend too much money and at the same time increase the marketability
and bottom line sales price then this video is for you
i'm gonna share with you tips that will get the job done
and not take too much of a hit to your pocket that's right
seven tips seven tips that you can do doesn't take too much effort doesn't
take a lot of um handyman skills as well so let's get
started oh and by the way if you're new to my channel
don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell for notifications
and let's start with tip number one first thing you need to do they always
say curb appeal is the biggest thing when it
comes to selling a house you only get one chance to impress that
buyer that comes to the door or these days to impress the buyer
online before they even come to the door is
much more important in the day of virtual open houses so
curb appeal what can you do that doesn't cost too much money
but gets that job done well the first thing is clean up your yard
if you have a lot of weeds and weeds growing out of the um
you know in between the cement slabs clean them out
if you have some shrubs or if you don't have shrubs
get some low-carb shrubs from some of the
local home gardening centers and put a little landscaping even if you
put them in pots and put them around the property you
want to basically make the house look as nice as possible
so curb appeal gardening is a big thing if your lawn
hasn't been cut cut it if you uh your the bushes that you have around your
property or growing wild maybe hire a landscaper to do a spring
or cleanup just to get the house ready to show well
because like they said you only get one chance for that first impression
number two and this is so very important and so many people don't even
think of it clear the clutter well what do i mean by
that everybody knows what clutter is all that stuff that you have all over
your desk all over the kitchen all over the bathroom that's just been
laying there and when you get around to it you're gonna go throw it out and
clean it up all that stuff needs to be removed
because remember you are selling your house to a
potential buyer if they come into your property and it
looks cluttered you're going to turn them off right away
and you don't want to do that so clear the clutter very important tip
number two tip number three home repairs you know
that broken door handle that you've been
waiting for months and months and when you get around to it
if it's on the honey-do list or you're gonna call the home repair
a handy person and you just haven't gotten around to do it
do it those little home repairs can really
turn somebody off a lot of people have difficulty
looking beyond the broken doorknob and they see a broken doorknob
and automatically this house is not for them because they can't see past it
that was tip number three tip number four
very important again you're selling a house that you've lived in
you want people to think picture themselves living in the house and
making that house theirs so clean clean clean everything in that
house needs to be as clean as possible the last thing somebody
wants to do is walk into a dirty house particularly
now with this pandemic that's going on if they see dirt they're going to get
turned off from the house so make sure you clean it if you're not
good with that hire a professional cleaning service and
have them go through every single room including the basement
and the garage and the backyard also and make the house
as clean as possible if you have siding on the property power
wash if it looks dirty you'll be surprised
how a good power washing on a deck on
even the bricks or pavers can really give a very positive first impression
and all-around impression of your property
so clean the inside clean the outside clean the windows that's tip number four
tip number five the house could be spotless the curb
appeal can be great but if all of a sudden you walk in that
house and oh my god i just made this great shrimp scampi the night before
and the house smells like shrimp scampi well when the buyer comes in
they might not like shrimp scampi so you have to make sure it has a
neutral or no order whatsoever a good trip there a good trick they
always say real estate is to um bake some chocolate chip cookies
everybody loves homemade chocolate chip cookies
and i don't mean like the candle i mean bake the cookies have them out on the
counter and that particular that that good smell
in the house is actually a positive and it can offset
the bad odors but definitely open the windows try to get
those odors out turn up some air purification you know if you have an air
filter or something like that that purifies the air
then bake those cookies if you don't have the cookies
light a candle uh but get those ugly odors out of the property it is
definitely a turn off to a lot of people unless they like shrimp scampi but i
don't know about 9 10 11 a.m in the morning that could be a
turn off de-personalize yes those pictures on the
walls of all the family events not a positive remember you have to
think as a potential buyer you go into a property and you see
their family on the walls they're thinking that this is your house and
even though they know it's your house they're trying to see the house is
theirs and if they can't get past that because you have all your
family stamps pictures all over the walls that's not a
positive okay to have one or two pictures
but to have a whole gamut of pictures all over the place not a good thing so
de-personalize your house and get all those pictures off the walls and
with that being said a lot of times if you get all those
pictures off the walls you start noticing that the paint has
faded around the pictures and when you take
the pictures off oh that's what my paint color look like
so paint where needed and that might mean go through a whole room if you had
a lot of pictures in the living room and you take those pictures off and it
looks like spots everywhere that's not a positive
get a neutral color paint if you're handy enough to paint yourself
paint that living room or family room a neutral color
if you have uh areas where you've you know taken pictures off
and you need to do a little spackle do that there's tons of youtube videos on
how to do that properly if you're not that good hire a local
handy person to come in and take care of all those minor
painting needs now do you have to paint the whole interior of the house
i'd say no but if you want to that's a plus particularly if it's a lot
of really strong colors that turn people off you want to make
neutral colors like beiges and whites off and again remember some people can't
see past the minor things in the house and you
don't want to reduce your buyer pull so make sure that you touch it where
needed hire a professional painter a handyman if you
want to go the extra mile and get those things taken care of so
number seven the last one like i mentioned is
painting the house so let's re let's go through the seven real quick
you want to get your house ready for sale you want to do it yourself or low
cost what can you do number one curb appeal
number two clear the clutter three make the minor repairs
four clean clean claim five pleasant house smells you wanna get rid
of those bad odors in the house six is depersonalized all the pictures
we've mentioned seven is paint where needed now i hope
these help i hope they were helpful uh if
you're new to the channel again my name is mark schreier if you enjoyed the
video please give me a thumbs up i am a realtor with century 21 american
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the bottom click the link it will take you to
another page just fill out the information and you will get a free
ebook with the seven do-it-yourself tips to
get your house ready for sale i hope this video was helpful this is
Mark Schreier from Century 21 American Homes
and i will see you on the next video thanks for watching